If you’re in Uptown Cagayan de Oro, there’s one major intersection which needs to be addressed by the city’s traffic authorities. Motorists has seen the junction of Masterson Avenue and El Camino Real at Pueblo de Oro as the newest bottleneck in the city.

With more businesses sprouting in the vicinity and coupled with more people relocating to the uptown’s residential suburbs, it’s logical that the volume of vehicular traffic also significantly increased in the past couple of years.

Now let’s take a look at the said intersection which has now become a major bottleneck with motorists experiencing heavy traffic especially during rush hours.

Business Openings

There are only two not-so-old business enterprises in the vicinity – Caltex and Stonestown Suites. But in recent years, several businesses have opened near the junction such as BPI-Masterson, RCBC-Masterson, Jollibee Uptown and Cahulogan Square. New buildings and businesses have also opened at nearby Masterson Mile and three more are under construction. With Xavier University opening its new Senior High School Campus this year, a significant increase in student population as well as motor vehicles will further aggravate the traffic condition in the area.

Parking Space

One factor that contributes to the problem is the lack of parking space. Two banks located right in front of the intersection have limited parking space with each bank having just 4 parking spaces at a time. But more often, it’s double or even triple parking as more bank customers transact at the banks which have encroached the outer lane of Masterson Avenue. Further, vehicles backing up from parking slow down or even stop incoming northbound traffic along Masterson. Here’s a sample of vehicle backing up from the bank.


Many motorists say the opening of Jollibee’s Drive-Thru Store ‘leveled up’ the traffic where the drive-thru entrance is just a few meters away from the junction. Southbound vehicles entering the drive-thru will temporarily block traffic and wait for the northbound traffic to be clear in order to enter the drive-thru. Further, vehicles exiting the drive-thru and going south creates another problem as it tries to enter the southbound lane. Sometimes, vehicles coming from across El Camino Real go straight to Jollibee and at one point is stuck at the center when the drive-thru line is long. See the black car in the photo below.

See the illustration below for .

By the way, there’s no traffic light in the area. Here’s the illustration of the different traffic flows in the area.

Jeepneys also stop along Jollibee to pick-up passengers mostly students from Xavier University’s Pueblo campus. If parking at Jollibee is full, jeepneys loading passengers will stop along Masteron’s outer lane. Even during non rush hours, you can see the bottleneck ahead.

Uptown CDO’s first bottleneck at Masterson-Macapagal Drive Intersection was substantially managed with the installation of a new traffic light. We really don’t know if a traffic light will solve the traffic at Masterson-El Camino Real considering the location of the commercial entities…not to mention the many undisciplined drivers.

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