This one for the books….Six traffic signs installed at a pedestrian lane along CM Recto Avenue in Cagayan de Oro City.

As shown in the photos below, five traffic signs installed by the city’s Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA) indicate pedestrians should not cross in the area which is in the vicinity of Limketkai Center and University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP). They include “USE PED XING”, “USE OVERPASS”, “NO PEDESTRIAN CROSSING” and “GUIDILI AND PAGTABOK DINHING DAPITA” – in case you couldn’t understand English. As if the “NO ENTRY” sign and the railing are not enough. There’s a 6th situated just above the “USE PED XING” sign but we’ve failed to read it.

Similar traffic signs are also put up at the U-TURN slot fronting USTP’s main gate.

Here’s a map of the placements of the traffic signs. All indicate that what used to be the pedestrian crossing will no longer be used which also contradicts the “USE PED XING” signage. Pedestrians will have to use the overpass as shown below. Entrance is inside Limketkai Gateway Tower and they need to pass thru security checks.

Despite the signs, many still cross the faded pedestrian lane. Check out more photos.

For a long time, USTP students and the public in general use the pedestrian lane in crossing CM Recto. The sign indicates they should use the overpass instead located some 70 meters away. However, no traffic personnel are observed onsite so crossing CM Recto at the said junction continue.

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