A new grill joint has opened along Corrales Avenue in Cagayan de Oro City. ATECLE’S GRILL is specifically located right beside Urban Pod.

As shown below, Atecle’s Grill has 2 levels and follows the container van concept .

photo by Atecle’s Grill

Clearly, it’s within the city’s dining district.

photo by Atecle’s Grill

It serves your favorite grilled food such as grilled chicken, liempo, tuna belly, tuna panga, grilled bangus and Filipino favorites bulalo, kinilaw, tinolang isda, pinakbet, sinuglaw and many more. And they have UNLI RICE Value Meals ranging from P75 to P89. Here’s the full menu.

image by Atecle’s Grill

More photos below courtesy of Atecle’s Grill.

Check it out.

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