In present day, digital transformation has taken over the way we do business, especially in the local business scene and as much as we know, technology has significantly improved the way people make their living and ignoring the said fact is never an option, at least for a country like the Philippines.  

This emerging e-commerce trend caught the attention of a visionary man with so much passion, dedication, and advocacy to his local community, Mr. Ronald Rhey Minoza. While working on a project at a local coffee shop and having seen how busy the store was, a wild, uncertain but promising and doable idea came to his mind and never left ever since. From a simple idea of not having to stand up and order for food to just sit down and do everything with a just a tap on his phone, he started working on his vision in creating a lifestyle platform and did not ever slow down. Mr. Minoza, an IT expert with more than 20 years of experience in programming and web development, gave up his corporate job to put up a company that could provide local SMEs a technological platform to digitally manage their business, anytime and anywhere. Along the way to fulfilling his vision and advocacy, he met his equally talented and advocates, his 7 co-founders just so they could realize the vision in providing and utilizing modern technology to serve the needs of businesses and consumers alike, thus, the birth of Agila Innovations, Inc.

From its humblest beginnings, the company grew over the years and has always considered and treated each member as part of its growing family. What has simply started with just one person has grown and blossomed into 50 employees who are exceptional, passionate and dedicated to bringing exceptional technology to the community. The birth of this exceptional innovation could potentially minimize SME failures (80% of SMEs fail every year) in the first 2 – 3 years.

Customer Satisfaction, being its top priority, the product’s performance is continually monitored and tested to perfection to give its users and partners the best experience they could ever have from a total lifestyle platform and live by its core mission and vision, provide convenience and innovation, at their own pace, at their own time. To add excitement to what the app can offer, users can freely choose from a wide listing of industries from food, accommodation, activity parks, service providers, home essentials, news and events, and a whole lot more. The current traction may save millions of jobs and less chance of business failures. This is the kind of impact StreetBy would want to bring in into the business sector.

StreetBy, the first Filipino-made total lifestyle app, is not just merely a product of innovation and technology, it is a product of hard work, sleepless nights, resilience during tough times, and shared passion of its core founders and employees. These key values and the benignant providence of Almighty God made the team transform the vision into reality, mission into possibility, and plans into habits.

In its efforts to bring its services closer to the local community, StreetBy is currently catering to cities such as Cagayan de Oro (Head Office), Davao (Extension Office), Bukidnon, Iligan, and Camiguin. StreetBy is a proud product of Mindanao and is bringing the Land of Promise closer thru the platform.

On its 3rd founding year, gearing towards attaining its goals to become the recognized lifestyle platform leader, StreetBy continues to deliver excellent services through current technology to its users.

StreetBy is not just your average total lifestyle app, it is YOUR SUPER APP.

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