Barangays 22, Canitoan and Bayanga won the just concluded 2018 Oro Kalimpyo Awards initiated by the Cagayan de Oro City Solid Waste Management Board thru the City Local Environment and Natural Resources Office (CLENRO) held last night at Centrio Mall.

Barangay Canitoan won P200,000 + marker after finishing 1st place in the Sub-Urban Barangay Category followed by Brgy. Gusa (P150,000 + plaque) and then Brgy. Tablon (P100,000 + plaque). Bugo and Bayabas ended 4th and 5th, respectively each receiving P20,000 + plaque.

Barangay 22 won in the Urban Barangay Category (P150,000 + marker) with Brgy. 23 (P100,000 + plaque) and Brgy. 24 (P75,000 + plaque) coming in 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Brgy. 17 and 11 finished 4th and 5th, respectively each receiving P20,000 + plaque.

Meanwhile, Barangay Bayanga (P150,000 + marker) won the Hinterland Barangay Category followed by Brgy. Baikingon (P100,000 + plaque) and then Brgy. Mambuaya (P75,000 + plaque). Brgy. Taglimao and FS Catanico placed 4th and 5th, respectively each receiving P20,000 + plaque.

The Oro Kalimpyo Awards is a platform where barangays can both showcase their good practices at the same time synergize with different stakeholders. It is also an incentive mechanism strategy to encourage barangays to comply with the law to promote community participation in attaining a clean and healthy barangay. The project aims to search for the outstanding practices on ecological solid waste management and to give due recognition to barangays, groups and individuals who/which have an exemplary performance on solid waste management program.

The Oro Kalimpyo Awards aims to materialize the following objectives: (1) To ensure compliance of the barangay with the mandates of RA 9003. (2) To increase awareness on the importance and benefits of ESWM; and (3) To give appropriate recognition to model barangays with outstanding practices in ESWM.

Launched last August 2018, the Oro Kalimpyo Awards, a total of 76 barangays were evaluated from October to December 2018. Upon thorough evaluation and deliberations, top 5 barangays were chosen as finalists for each category (urban- 39 barangays, sub-urban- 26 barangays and hinterland- 11 barangays). Each Barangay were rated on the following: Field Evaluation (70%); Panel Presentation ( 30%).

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photos by Tom Udasco Photography

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