Two continuing large drainage projects at Carmen Proper in Cagayan de Oro City are currently underway as traffic rerouting in the said areas have been implemented for several weeks now.

The first is along Seriña Street stretching from Madonna and Child Hospital towards Vamenta Boulevard. As shown below, the large underground canal is similar to the Agora drainage project and occupies one lane. The other lane is now one-way for motorists going east or towards City Proper. Those with appointments at the hospital will have to go thru Villarin Street and circle around or just ride trisikad for a shorter distance.

This drainage canal is believed to be connected to the finished drain along Vamenta-Gumamela Junction with outfall at Cagayan de Oro River which can be seen from Ysalina Bridge. In fact, portion of Vamenta Boulevard is expected to be excavated again as shown below.

The second ongoing drainage project is along Max Suniel Street. As shown below, the large canal is now approaching Mabolo Street (COC-Phinma) where a recent drainage project has been completed. The portion of the street is now one way from COC-Phinma towards Middleton Road in that direction. Those coming from Villarin Street will have to turn left towards Middleton and the right to Lirio Street. This project is expected to be connected to Binonoan Creek which drains beside Carmen Market with outfall at Cagayan de Oro River.

Both projects aim to provide outflow for runoffs along Villarin Street. At the rate, if construction is full blast, we might see project completion before the next rainy season begins.

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