You might have noticed that the P45.5 million slope protection works along Masterson Avenue near Pryce Plaza have somewhat been discontinued.

As shown in the photos below (courtesy of Arthur Aranas), the DPWH contractor, Ven Ray Construction Corporation has already pulled out its workers and equipment including its temporary bunk house (field office). Note that the project has hardly been completed yet with still a significant stretch showing the exposed slopes which is very prone to erosion and landslide when it rains.

You can clearly see the loose soil and rocks on the exposed surface.

The project was started in April last year but actual work began in late May. Percentage completion of DPWH projects are usually based on amount of release of allocated budget. Has the project ran out of funds? Or is there a reason for the stoppage?

Even the curb, gutter and a portion of the retaining wall has been abandoned as shown below.

There seems to be no advisory onsite. This is just timely as DPWH Secretary Mark Villar has just blacklisted fourteen (14) project contractors for failing to meet the scheduled timelines of projects awarded to them.

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