BINTANA SA PARAISO which literally translates to Window of Paradise has two equally excellent boutique resorts in Camiguin where you can have some privacy with your loved one or simply a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Bintana sa Paraiso in Naasag in Mambajao started in 2017 and is conveniently located on the northwest portion of the island along Camiguin Circumferential Road (see map) facing Bohol Sea.

The Naasag resort is patterned after the famed Santorini resorts in Greece with its blue and white concept. Each private villa room has its own infinity pool perfect for your IG account. Other amenities include hot and cold shower, cable TV, welcome drinks, room service, scooter rental, and island tour. You can browse over the photos below (courtesy of Bintana sa Paraiso).

Meanwhile, the second site in Binunsuran also in Mambajao is Balinese inspired and located along the mountain slopes. It is 30 minutes from Naasag resort. See map below.

It has a commanding view of the open sea from above. Construction started late last year and is now fully operational. Amenities include hot and cold shower, swimming pool, hammock, sun deck, WiFi, restaurant, bike rental, island tour, pugad (nest) moments, among others. Browse over some photos below (courtesy of Bintana sa Paraiso).

Check out this video below by Bintana sa Paraiso founder Kate Robbins.

By the way, both resorts are family-friendly so you can bring along your bunch.

For bookings and rates, click It has limited rooms so check availability or send text inquiry to 0997-068-3570.

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