Amid busy preparations for a special event, a netizen left a bag inside a taxi he booked thru Grab. Fortunately, Tito Sangria is an honest Grab taxi driver and rightfully returned the bag in no time.

Netizen Haugh Rowled in his Facebook post said he booked a taxi using Grab and boarded a Sealtiel Taxi driven by Sangria from Capistrano Street to Marco Hotel (Cugman). Rowled was in a hurry preparing for a special event at the said hotel that he only noticed some 30 minutes after the missing big which contained important documents for the events including an Ipad that has files for the events planning and an undetermined amount of money which was left on the back floor on the taxi. They tried to contact Grab’s customer service but after a few minutes, Grab contacted them instead as the driver delivered the bag to Grab’s office. After asking a favor, Sangria returned to the owner at Marco Hotel.

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