Stores in Cagayan de Oro City have already started implementing City Ordinance No. 13378-2010 or the City-Wide Plastic Regulation. The said ordinance took effect yesterday, January 1, 2019.

Basically, the big stores – malls, supermarkets and groceries have done away with the ‘sando plastic bags’ and replaced them with the free paper bags or ‘bulsita’. They also have eco-bags for sale with prices ranging from P10 to P50 depending on the size.

Shown below is a pharmacy store with brown paper bags.

Clearly as shown in this supermarket below, many customers have brought their own eco-bags. Small purchases are provided with the free brown paper bags.

Again, they have eco-bags in case you forgot to bring one.

However, plastic roll bags are allowed for wet goods such as meat and poultry products, fish and seafood, fresh fruits and processed food.
Violators will be penalized at least P3,000 per ‘sando bag’.

This is a good start. Hopefully, small stores will also follow the ordinance.

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