The Cagayan de Oro Port, dubbed as the Global Gateway to Mindanao for its strategic location at the Northern Coast of Mindanao within Macajalar Bay, has just been conferred with the GPAS Award by the APEC Port Services Network (APSN).

The Green Port Award System (GPAS) program is a green evaluation system for ports in the APEC region. The program is intended to improve environmental awareness and increase the understanding of green port development strategy, with the aim of achieving a balance between economic development and environmental protection in the APEC ports community; promote the sustainable development of ports in the APEC region and protect the port environment for the benefit of the entire APEC community; contribute to the harmonization of regulations and improve interoperability of green port systems in the APEC region; and establish an APEC green port performance benchmark based on this program, and share best practices and encourage mutual assistance among APEC ports.


The CDO port together with Batangas Port were the only ports in the country to receive the GPAS Award.


The CDO port serves as the entry and exit point of passengers and goods to and forth adjacent urban cities and provinces and other parts of the Philippine archipelago. It also links conveyances to countries such as Vietnam, China, Australia and the United States, among others.

photos by PPA

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