Have you ever been to the town of Sapang Dalaga? It is the last municipality in Misamis Occidental bordering the province of Zamboanga de Norte. While its local economy is based mainly on agriculture, it also has a good market for seafood owing to the rich marine resources in Casul Bay.

And right at the center are these floating cottages. There were only about three when it started and now has grown to about 17 and counting.

photo by Elvinov Kirolenko Simenesky

The expansion comes with increased demand with tourism activities in the area picking up.

photo by Elvinov Kirolenko Simenesky

The Caluya Shrine as shown below has brought religious tourism to Sapang Dalaga. The floating cottages are just a good place to have your lunch of quality and delicious seafood after a visit to the shrine.

photo by Elvinov Kirolenko Simenesky

Photo below shows a tourist posing at the shrine with the floating cottages in the background. You can see the small port right below where you can ride outriggers or motorized bancas to the floating cottages.

photo by Arleen Cansiller

Check this old blog post below for a closer look.

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