In another mysterious incident similar to an occurrence in Kauswagan last July 2018, seventeen (17) roosters were reportedly attacked by two mysterious ‘white dogs’ in Indahag, Cagayan de Oro City last November 12.

In a Facebook post by Jai Rosas, he narrated (in Cebuano) what his father experienced last November 12. Accordingly, it began at 3:37pm when he heard his pet dog named Yatchie D’Chowpom barking continuously. Her mother couldn’t understand why the dog was continuously barking so they woke up his father who initially thought something might be wrong with his roosters so he hurried. He said his father saw two white dogs attacking their roosters some of which ended up dead while others survived. His cousin ran after the dogs which suddenly disappeared in the woods. After a while, they saw two persons, a man and woman emerging from the woods… Read the post below.

The same post has also been shared by Superbalita Cagayan de Oro.

Last July 2018, several gamecocks were found dead in Kauswagan. Read the old post below.

RANDOM SHOTS: 18 roosters for cockfighting found dead in Kauswagan

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