CHRISTMAS DISPLAY – Guests who attended the event witness the lights over the 14-foot Christmas tree within the hotel’s lobby. (Photo courtesy of N Hotel)

by Angelo Lorenzo

N Hotel’s Christmas lighting event on Friday (November 09, 2018) pulsates with the season’s joy and thanksgiving. An annual event for the three-star hotel in Cagayan de Oro City, this holiday tradition sought to bring wonders to guests who first enter the lobby and witness the radiant display of the spectacle. The display will be showcased until the first week of January 2019.

Launched early in the evening, the annual holiday tradition comprised a program that highlighted N Hotel’s achievements in the previous months as the year approaches its conclusion.

More than just hospitality

“We have overcome certain challenges that we have faced in the previous year,” General Manager Ami C. Saniel noted in her speech. “As we regained our hope for security and safety, we promote solidarity.

THANKSGIVING – N Hotel General Manager Ami Saniel highlighted the hotel’s achievements in the previous months as the year nears its conclusion. (Photo courtesy of N Hotel)

“It is with full confidence that we claim this year to be a generally good year for N Hotel, especially for its management and staff, our guests, and our partners,” she added.

Enumerating the achievements that the hotel has accomplished in 2018, Saniel emphasized the importance of inclusivity integrated in their mission to become a premiere site for the city’s hospitality industry.

BUSINESS AS USUAL – N Hotel’s executives and guests from the CDO’s private sector and the City Government attended the event to celebrate the launch of the display. (Photo courtesy of N Hotel)

“This is what N Hotel has aimed for in the past year,” Saniel added. Besides providing guests with quality service for their notable amenities that have recently been recognized by Agoda with an 8.0 approval rating, the hotel was able to shine light over initiatives that provided economic opportunities for marginalized sectors (such as jobs for a PWD), aided the repairs for a school within the city during the annual Brigada Eskwela, and helped save lives by employing volunteers for the blood-letting activity. They are also actively participating in training students who aspire to join the hospitality industry when they graduate from school.

JOYFUL – N Hotel management and staff celebrate this year’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony in the lobby on Friday evening. (Photo courtesy of N Hotel)

N Hotel’s management has also been grateful for its competent staff who exemplified integrity and dignity in their service. This has been grounded on the hotel’s standard and reputation for honesty and truthfulness in accommodating its guests, among its many sustained principles.

“We take pride in our standards in the hospitality industry,” Saniel added. “This was made possible by our competent, dignified, and hardworking staff who present themselves every day and maintain efficient and quality service.”

That evening, however, N Hotel also took pride of its remarkable display of lights.

Source of economic growth

Illuminating the interior were the series of lights that hung like curtains over the glass wall behind the Christmas tree. As one the main attractions, the 14-foot tree stood glowing with the same lights mingling with shiny balls, blooming poinsettias, and the smiley faces of snowmen and toy soldiers.

Garlands that shared the tree’s green hue outlined the entrance, the elevator and the staircase – all of which comprised the same decorations. Behind the front desk, oval mirrors with gold frames captured the reflection of those who gaze at them, attesting to the metaphor that Christmas is a season to reflect on the things that matter.

CDO City Mayor Oscar Moreno, the guest of honor during the lighting ceremony, congratulated the hotel, its owners, the management and the staff for N Hotel’s exemplary contribution to the economic growth of CDO.

GUEST OF HONOR – Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Oscar Moreno graced the event and claimed in his speech that the city’s economic growth and competitive rating have been attributed to progressive homegrown businesses such as N Hotel. (Photo courtesy of N Hotel)

“The city’s attractiveness is achieved not just by the City Government,” Moreno stated. “It’s really the private sector that makes the community liveable.”

He continued: “We are very fortunate that N Hotel is here as part of Cagayan de Oro City’s attraction and as part of the city’s family, especially that this is a homegrown business.”

Moreno also claimed that CDO’s competitive status as a city would not have been possible without the presence of this industry.

“As N Hotel grows further, I am sure the city will also grow some more,” Moreno remarked. “…rest assured that the City Government will ensure that our mission in elevating the city to greater heights will be pursued to make the city more competitive and more liveable.”

With N Hotel’s stunning display for its guests this Christmas, the city now bears a new attraction for its visitors – who book at the hotel – to witness and experience.

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