photo by Cagayan de Oro Campaigners for Road Courtesy and Discipline

Do you know that placing an object such as a chair, markings or anything along a street indicating reservation for a parking space is considered a violation of City Ordinance 10551-2007 or the Traffic Code of Cagayan de Oro if it has no permit from City Hall?

The photo above is just a good example of such violation. Unless the space is privately-owned, it is considered for public use. As per Section 61 of the city’s Traffic Code, any signage or markings indicating parking reservation is prohibited. Unless of course, it is privately-owned.

The concept of the street for public use is also stipulated in Section 180 of said ordinance. It also states that the use of streets and sidewalks for personal or commercial use should have a permit from the City Mayor or the City Council.

So, the next time you’ll see a ‘reserved’ sign for parking along a street, ask if it has a permit…

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