Again, the optimism on Tangub City’s tourism potentials is very high with the upcoming Panguil Bay Bridge Project. BELVEDERE, one of the city’s promising tourist destinations, although already popular in the area and province is expected to get the needed boost with the infrastructure project.

BELVEDERE sits on top of Fertig Hills in Barangay Hoyohoy right at the foot of Mt. Malindang Range Natural Park. Belvedere is just the first feature of the whole development called Gardens of the World. See related link below.

PROJECT WATCH: Gardens of the World

As the term suggests, Belvedere is actually an Italian word for “Fair View”. From Wikipedia – Belvedere is an architectural structure sited to take advantage of a fine or scenic view. Shown below is the view deck.

photo by Ideas Beyond Borders

On a clear day, it offers a commanding view of the Mt. Malindang Range Natural Park and Panguil Bay, a perfect 360-degree view of nature’s best.

photo by Danilo Omandam Lampawog

It’s number of visitors is growing and is a favorite spot for photoshoots.

photo by Ideas Beyond Borders

Going to Belvedere is easy. At Tangub City, you can hire local habal-habals or drop by Tangub City Hall and ask for directions. Tangub is a small city so going to Brgy. Hoyohoy wouldn’t be a problem.

Once completed, the entire Gardens of the World project will certainly something worth the visit. Watch this aerial video courtesy of Jose Gonzalo M. Ditching.

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