A closer look of the ongoing work at the Cagayan de Oro International Convention Center revealed the project costs some P324 million and is contracted to Jejor’s Construction Corp.

In the photos below courtesy of Project LUPAD, you can see a newly-installed billboard onsite.

The project name clearly states “Completion of the Cagayan de Oro Civic/Convention Center”. However, the specific dates or project timetable were not indicated. Probably another 10 years?

The facility was designed to have a seating capacity of 7,700 and includes amenities such as a multi-purpose hall that can accommodate 1,000 guests, a convertible indoor playing court, an exhibit area for 1,500 viewing guests with a demountable partition for flexibility of expansion, 12 function rooms for 1,000 guests, 4 club rooms with lockers and showers, cafeteria with approximately 100 seating capacity, and an administrative office, storage room and other support facilities.

The Cagayan de Oro International Convention Center is right beside the road going to Ultra Winds.

Note ongoing repainting of the roof.

The facility although remote, could still host some important events when completed.

Still, event organizers still need to address accessibility due to absence of public transport at the site, except of course for taxis.

Also, parking would be a problem since the surrounding perimeter is limited. Unless adjacent properties will also be developed.

Will P324 million be enough to complete the project which began in 2003?

We still don’t know if the project scope includes the interiors which hard resembles a world-class facility.

View this link below for some photos of the interiors which remains to be the same.

RANDOM SHOTS: City officials visit CDO International Convention Center

Despite a lot of presumption that the ongoing work is for election purpose, the completion of the facility is still a welcome development.

More photos in link below.

PHOTOS: Cagayan de Oro International Convention Center as of November 2018

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