The management of Limketkai & Sons Inc., although fully aware of the drainage project, has not received any official communication from the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) regarding the drainage proposal which will pass along Limketkai Avenue. This was learned in yesterday’s meeting facilitated by the City Council Committee on Public Utilities chaired by Councilor Teodulfo ‘Bong’ Lao, Jr.

In an article at SunStar CDO (Read LINK), Councilor Lao said Limketkai also denied rejecting the project stating they can only decide after receiving the official letter from DPWH. Photos below show Councilor Lao (right) presiding over the meeting with representatives of various stakeholders of the project including Limketkai & Sons.

photo by CIO
photo by CIO

It can be recalled that in last Tuesday’s press conference on the City Drainage Masterplan, Engr. Leowald Pecore of DPWH-10 disclosed of several options for the double-barrel subterranean diversion channel to be connected to Bitan-ag Creek as studied by UP Planades (screenshot of cover page below).

courtesy of Titus Velez

According to Engr. Pecore, the study enumerated four (4) alternatives to serve as diversion channels of Bitan-ag Creek as shown below (A, B, C & D).

The four alternatives are as follows:

OPTION A: Valenzuela (Agora)-CM Recto-Limketkai Avenue (via LKK Luxe Hotel) – along road
OPTION B: Valenzuela (Agora)-back of Puregold – short distance but will traverse private property (needs expropriation proceedings)
OPTION C: Valenzuela (Agora)-front of Puregold – shortest distance but will traverse private property (needs expropriation proceedings)
OPTION D: Valenzuela (Agora)-CM Recto-Lapasan-Camaman-an Road (Pimentel) – longest route along road

Accordingly, the report of UP Planades recommended OPTION A which is most feasible because it will just utilize road lots and save cost. Here’s a screenshot of the technical recommendations (short term) of the UP Planades Report.

screenshot of UP Planades Report

Engr. Pecore said the Limketkai group rejected all four options so they are coming up with the final (5th) option with the double-barrel diversion channel ending near University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP) and will serve as catchment area for floodwaters along CM Recto. To make this possible, DPWH will raise CM Recto to about a meter. The proposal could possibly cause the removal of the existing overpass if it is within the 5 meter (more or less) clearance. As a consequence, Limketkai Center will be flooded at neck-deep at the minimum.

Watch the press conference below.


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