Here’s an update of the rescued dogs from the City Pound in Balubal, Cagayan de Oro City. They are now in Patag near the Barangay Covered Court and are scheduled to be neutered on Wednesday, October 24.

It can be recalled that the dogs were about to be euthanized last Friday (October 19) but because of the collaborative efforts of several animal welfare groups in the city (CDOFoster ForCats, CDO Animal Rescue and MEOW CDO), 11 of the 25 dogs were released. Unfortunately, the rest (14) were reportedly euthanized as scheduled. See Facebook post of CdeO Stray Haven, Inc. showing the 11 released dogs which are fit for adoption.

Here are additional photos of the dogs who have found a new lease in life.

Once neutered, they can be ready for adoption. Those interested may send a PM to CdeO Stray Haven, Inc. (see link below).

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