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AMAYA AZUL, Amaya View’s latest attraction featuring two infinity pools was formally launched today. It is scheduled to be opened to the public next Saturday, October 27, 2018.

Located in Indahag, Cagayan de Oro City, AMAYA AZUL offers a relaxing pool experience with a scenic view of the city. First, check out the pool hours and rates below.

Of course, there are some swimming policies to follow.

In case you don’t have a ride…

Amaya Azul has two infinity pools: one for kids and one for adults. Here are photos taken a few minutes before the scheduled launch.

Children’s pool is just 2-3 feet deep.

Meanwhile, the adult pool is only 5 feet deep. Shown below are six teens waiting for the signal of the ceremonial ramp jump off.

…and off they go…

These are the first swimmers at Amaya Azul.

There’s also a bar by the pool.

Beautiful landscape surround the newest amenity. This is the walkway to the pool.

You can observe the unique architecture of Amaya Azul.

There’s music to liven up the event.

Even the DJ is ready to swim…

Lifeguards are assigned. By the way, Azul is still hiring for staff and lifeguards.

Toilets and shower rooms are significantly spacious and clean.

Here are the people behind the project with some special guests.

Small fountains are found along the periphery of the pools.

And photoshoots have started.

The pools are safe for the entire family.

Several guests attended the private event.

A paraglider glides over Amaya Azul.

Amaya Azul has a spectacular view of the sunset.

And as the sun sets, the lights illuminate the pools.

Watch this video courtesy of Katawa CDO Doodzkie.

Here’s another by Tom Udasco.

Mark the date and get ready with your swimwear…October 27.

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