Here are latest photo updates of St. Francis Doctors’ Hospital & Medical Center project located along Masterson Avenue in Uptown Cagayan de Oro City.

As shown, vertical works are still ongoing.

The proposed medical facility will have 8 floors with a unique design – the upper 4 floors somewhat designed to be diagonal with the bottom 4 levels.

The project site is right across Uptown Condotel and Xavier Estates’ Main Gate.

You don’t see much of the project except for those columns rising protruding from the fence as it is blocked by the large billboard, an old building and a huge tree at the middle.

When completed, this is the first privately-owned hospital in the uptown area.

Also, residents in the uptown community and nearby towns need not go to the downtown area to avail of needed medical services.

See the clear rendering in our old post below.

PROJECT WATCH: Clear rendering of St. Francis Doctor’s Hospital & Medical Center

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