Barangay Macasandig Councilor Nixon Baban who was the first to submit his certificate of candidacy (COC) for Mayor of Cagayan de Oro City in next year’s elections has withdrawn from the race.

In a statement posted in his Facebook account, Baban said he is instead throwing his full support to Mr. Pompee La Viña whom he finds to be more competent and has a greater chance of pulling a political upset on the incumbent city mayor. Read the statement in full below.


I am withdrawing my bid for the office of the City Mayor of Cagayan de Oro in the forthcoming 2019 elections, and I have decided to throw my full support for Mr. Pompee La Viña who I find more competent and who has a greater chance of pulling a political upset on the incumbent city mayor.

My original decision was anchored on my sincere intention to champion the cause for a clean government and honest leadership that will bring new hope for an improved quality of life which the present mayor has failed to provide especially to the marginalized sector of our society. The progress that the present administration has been boasting about is a pure delusion to the ordinary Cagayanons whose opportunities are tapered because of weak govt. policies that fail to uphold the interests first of the Cagayanon stakeholders against opportunistic fortune seekers. (e.g. metropac, big developers & business locators etc. will elaborate later).

I also strongly feel that the mayor has no clear and long-term policies that can protect and preserve our environment. The farm to market roads in the hinterlands have already suffered considerable damage because they have now become “quarry to construction site roads”.

By a stroke of luck, I met Mr. Pompee La Viña in a downtown hotel lobby. We had a brief conversation which affirmed my early impressions about his remarkable credentials and impeccable track record in public service especially as a fearless graft-buster.

In this regard, I am withdrawing from the mayoralty race in order to throw my full support behind Mr. Pompee La Viña, a non-traditional politician and leader. I am convinced that he is the right person who can effectively address the pressing problems of the city. e.g. urban flooding, road traffic, increased criminality, drug abuse, poverty alleviation and above all, a genuine political agenda that will protect and preserve our environment.

I thank those who have supported me in trying to achieve our shared aspirations for a better quality of life for the people. And I hope you will join me behind Mr. Pompee La Viña who can give his undivided time and attention to lead us in achieving real progress which the ordinary Cagayanon can feel and enjoy and not just salivate amid all the development that is going around.

Thank you. (pls. share).

With Baban’s withdrawal, so far only media man Ben Contreras and Felix Borres are left in the race for the city’s top post. Of course, incumbent City Mayor Oscar Moreno and Mr. Pompee La Viña are yet to submit their respective candidacy papers. The last day of filing for candidates will be tomorrow, Wednesday, October 17.

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