by Maia Fortich-Poblete 
of the Juan Neri Branch

Almost 33 years after the first reunion held in October 1985, the Neri-Chaves clan, one of Cagayan de Oro’s biggest and oldest families, will once again gather to celebrate kinship and unity. On August 25 & 26, the 4th Neri-Chaves Grand Reunion will take place at Chali Beach Resort & Conference Center in Cugman.

The two-day event is packed with meaningful, fun, and exciting activities, beginning with an ecumenical blessing on the morning of August 25. Both the young and not-so-young clan members are sure to enjoy the games scheduled to unfold in the afternoon. One of the interesting (and definitely unique) games is mahjong – which a lot of Neris and Chaveses are quite good at.

Clan group photo (though incomplete) taken last August 2016 during the 3rd Neri-Chaves Grand Reunion (photo credit: Danilo/Dan David Tan)

Later in the evening, just after dinner, the 1st Neri-Chaves Got Talent competition will happen at the resort’s new ballroom. Seven clan members will showcase their talents and aim to win cash prizes and the bragging rights as the 1st NC Got Talent winner. The distinguished panel of judges is composed of performing arts advocates and artists Arthur M. Nery, Faith Javellana, and JC Salon.

On Sunday, August 26, some clan members will go up to Mapawa Nature Park for a tree planting activity. In the afternoon, right after the election of the board of directors, everyone will gather for a Catholic Mass.

In the evening, clan members will dress to impress for the gala night, where successful clan members will be honored and awarded for their achievements and contributions to the community, the city, and the country.

The night won’t end early because there will be a rave party featuring some of Cagayan de Oro’s best DJS – The Banaags (DJs Cocoy, Julius, RB, & Kyle), DJ Bookee Quiblat, and DJ David Piol. All these world-class DJs are members of the clan.

Updating the Neri-Chaves Genealogy

As previously mentioned, the Neri-Chaves clan is one of CDO’s biggest and oldest families. It is also one of the most prominent as some of the clan members are respected local heroes and leaders: Toribio Chaves, Tirso Neri, Don Apolinar Velez, and Former Philippine Vice President Emmanuel Neri Pelaez, among others.

Since not all clan members are aware of this, and many know only so little about the Neri and Chaves family history, the reunion is more than just a fun gathering. It is also a venue for reconnecting with long lost relatives and establishing relationships by introducing the younger members to the more senior members of the clan, and by sharing with them stories of their ancestors.

Likewise, it is also the intention of the reunion’s core group to gather information that can help update the Neri-Chaves genealogy.

Here is a peek at the clan’s major branches:



  • Vicentico Ch. Neri m. Antonia Rivera
  • Lucresio Ch. Neri m. Alejandra Roa
  • Lucresio Ch. Neri m. Emeteria Gaabucayan
  • Agripino Ch. Neri m. Tranquilina Bautista
  • Agripino Ch. Neri m. Ignacia Jacutin
  • Maria Ch. Neri m. Ponciano Buzon
  • Getulea Ch. Neri m. Julio Bautista
  • Consolacion Ch. Neri m. Filomeno Mercado
  • Vicente Neri m. Ciriaca Velez
  • Genaro Neri m. Silvestra Emata
  • Catalino Neri m. Nicolasa Gabor
  • Ramon Neri m. Emmanuela San Jose
  • Graciano Neri m. Dominga San Jose
  • Vivencia Neri Velez m. Justo Gaerlan
  • Francisco Neri Velez m. Luisa R. Velez
  • Paz Neri Rivera m. Timoteo Rodriguez



  • Vicente Chaves m. Lina Roa
  • Obdulia R. Chaves m. Lorenzo Racines
  • Cleto R. Chaves m. Rita Roa y Lazala
  • Toribio R. Chaves m. Maria de la Rosa Frias
  • Toribio R. Chaves m. Vicenta Fernandez
  • Toribio R. Chaves m. Isabel Pabayo Emeteria
  • Rosalia R. Chaves (single)
  • Marcelina R. Chaves (single)
  • Leon R. Chaves m. Monica Mercado
  • Gregorio R. Chaves m. Regina Aguilar Dela Cruz
  • Gregorio R. Chaves m. Juliana Bacarrisas
  • Macrobio R. Chaves m. Aquilina Mercado


  • Ramon V. Chaves m. Rosario Abejuela
  • Aguido V. Chaves m. Eustaquia A. Saberola
  • Luciaca V. Chaves m. Pedro Roa
  • Basilisa V. Chaves m. Telesforo Emata

Registration Details

If you or someone you know is a verified member of the Neri-Chaves clan, text or call the secretariat at 0956-875 3294. Registration fee for the two-day event is Php800.

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