Cagayan de Oro City Police today arrested a man believed to be suffering from mental illness caused by drug use who held hostage his live-in partner for 4 hours inside their house at Kalye Apiki, Zone 5, Barangay Bugo.

Now in police custody is Richard Roque, 32, who was also involved in a 12-hour hostage-taking incident last year involving his 9-year old son. Based on a report from RMN News (see below), the suspect underwent rehabilitation at Lumbia City Jail after the incident last year and was freed after 6 months after getting treated with medication. But the suspect’s mental problem resurfaced after he failed to take his maintenance medication.

Check out last year’s hostage-taking incident by the same suspect.

12-hour hostage drama in Bugo ends as police rescue boy from deranged father

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