Construction continues for NOAH’S ARK, the latest attraction at Amaya View in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. When completed, this will become the new home of zoo animals in the emerging hilltop tourist destination.

The development of Noah’s Ark is really patterned after the story in the Bible where Noah and his family together with the animals were spared from a catastrophic flood. As shown i the following photos courtesy of Project LUPAD, the ark is now almost done.

Can you see fiber glass replicas of animals on the foreground?

I can see one large elephant, some baby elephants and a big bear on the ground.

Certainly, this will be a huge hit for the entire family.

The ark sits on top of a hill reminiscent of the real Noah’s Ark when the flood subsided.

Landscaping is still ongoing.

Perhaps, some trees will add more shade near the ark.

Based on the latest progress, this will be opened later this year.

The ark is just one of the latest additional attractions at Amaya View which offers a spectacular view of the city’s western side.

We could see future selfies and groufies at the site.

More photos in the link below.

PHOTOS: Noah’s Ark in the Philippines as of July 2018

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