photo by Louie Talents

Kagayanon Louie Talents is now an internationally recognized contemporary artist. Currently based in Paris, France, he is having a solo exhibit of his visual diary artworks at the Pierre-Yves Caër Gallery also in Paris.The art exhibit entitled “Carnet Sans Age” or  “Diary Beyond Age” which runs from July 7-28, 2018 features Louie’s artworks which are a reflection of his travel in Japan and his travel within to revisit his childhood. His artistic masterpieces aren’t just mere artwork but are mediums of his own expressions of various issues in society.

Read Louie’s statement on his solo art exhibit below:

My new artworks are about transforming childhood gestural drawing into a visual diary. Visual diary appealed to me for a couple of reasons:
First, it has been my character to write and draw on the 19 countries i visited. The last country that made a personal impact on me was Japan.
Second, as i was designing my parents’ tombstone, I randomly saw an old photo of my mom with a love note on the back for my father. In the photo was my childhood drawings and i thought of revisiting these gestual childhood drawings.
Third, I wanted to draw attention in my recent travel in Japan and my travel within to revisit my childhood.
This solo exhibition aims to communicate art as a reflective idea and as a way to revisit my childhood through synergy. The interaction and juxtaposition between a geometrical sketch and a free-hand gestural drawing when i was a child. In this process, the general image is an overlapping of the two elements. The detailed drawings are images of my day reduced into patterns or simpler form. The negative spaces were filled with writings from travel book guides, travel brochures and my personal travel experience. It is written in French, Bisaya (my mother tongue), Tagalog (the national language of the Filipino people), English and in Japanese characters from my trip.
My method combines pointilism and a childhood penchant for writing on the corner wall as a way to let time pass by whenever i am scolded and asked to stand in the corner at school.
Furthermore, exploring Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo for 26 days allowed me to contemplate on the concepts of simplicity and harmony. It opened new compositional approach to the elements in my artwork.
« Carnet Sans Âge » is an outcome of the visual diary artworks exhibited herein. It is a reflection of both my travel in Japan and in my travel within to revisit my childhood.

photo by Louie Talents

Louie is shown below preparing his artworks weeks before the exhibit.

Louie first earned an Economics degree from Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan after which he proceeded to pursue his dream to study Fine Arts at University of the Philippines Diliman, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. In 2010, he received a French Embassy scholarship grant to study at L’école des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France.

photo by Louie Talents

He’s also a multi-awarded artist. Among his awards are Outstanding Thesis Award given by University of the Philippines-College of Fine Arts (2011), Philippine Award of Merit by the National Museum of the Philippines (2012), and Lambago Art Award given by the Xavier University Center for Culture and the Arts (2016).

photo by Louie Talents
photo by Louie Talents

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