Tatum Julia Bao and Clartrome Lounard Jacalan are two Kagayanons who took pride as part of the Manila Symphony Junior Orchestra (MSJO) under the baton of Jeffrey Solares which won First Prize in the String Orchestra competition category at the 12th Summa Cum Laude International Music Festival held at the Golden Hall of the Musikverein in Vienna, Austria.

Cellists Tatum (left) and Clartrome (right) are both from Lourdes College Strings, an orchestra project in partnership with the Manila Symphony Orchestra. They were among 47 young Filipino musicians which composed the MSJO.

photo by Tatum Julia Bao

Actually there are three Mindanaoans in the group. Violonist Mishael Romano (center) is from Dipolog City.

photo by Manila Symphony Junior Orchestra

The group performed with a 25-minute set consisting of music by Mozart, Dvorak, Alcala, Florante and Castillon.

photo by Ivy Ilagan

The two young musicians are now Cagayan de Oro’s pride.

photo by Tatum Julia Bao

The 12th Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival is Austria’s most prestigious music festival with over 30 participating ensembles from 14 different countries. It is supported by the Austrian government and by UNESCO. Read the press release on the victory below.

Meanwhile, you can watch their performances below.


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