The Consultative Committee (Concom) yesterday approved in an en banc session at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Pasay City the draft Federal Constitution which seeks to distribute powers and resources among regions.

The 22-member Concom led by retired former Chief Justice Reynato Puno voted unanimously to approve the draft Federal Constitution which has 21 articles compared to the 1987 Constitution with 18 articles.

Among the salient features as stated in the draft include the Federal Republic shall consist of sixteen (16) Federated Regions, the Bangsamoro and the Federated Cordillera Region (Article IX Section 1) and that every Federated Region shall be represented by at least two (2) Senators elected by the qualified voters in the federated region, provided that each
region shall have the same number of senators (Article VII Section 2).

Read the full text below.

Here’s the last page signed by all the Concom members.

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