NEW XAVIER ATENEO SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. The main building will house the classrooms, interfaith prayer rooms, laboratories, audio-visual rooms, student lounges, clinic, and administrative offices. Image supplied by Arch Ernest Martin Soriano.

The new Xavier Ateneo Senior High School at Pueblo de Oro will be a green campus.

The last addition to Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan’s basic education cluster will be implementing environment-friendly technology for its new buildings. Among its green features are the following: a sewerage treatment plant, a rainwater collection system, natural ventilation, and sky gardens. They are all designed to reduce the overall impact on the environment and human health.

XUSHS GYMNASIUM. Sports development is also emphasized in the dynamic student life at XU Senior High School with their own gymnasium (that could fit two basketball courts) and areas for practice and other activities. Image courtesy of Arch Soriano.

For efficient energy use, the classrooms and offices will be using T5 and led lighting and an inverter-type air conditioning system.

‘CAFETERIA’. The new XUSHS cafeteria will boast indoor and outdoor dining areas for students and parents, faculty and staff, and guests. Image courtesy of Arch Soriano.

Architect Ernest Martin Soriano designed the new campus to allow the free flow of air maximizing natural ventilation. The sky gardens also provide insulation by absorbing the sunlight and reducing extreme temperatures.

The buildings will also have water tanks to store rainwater collected from the rooftops and will be used for the sprinkler system and industrial use.

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