Here are latest aerial photos of the 660-meter Bonbon-Macabalan Bridge Project taken today, June 24, 2018.

As shown by these excellent shots courtesy of Project LUPAD, the bridge component and approach on the Bonbon side has shown significant progress.

Shown are four spans of concrete girders forming the bridge superstructure.

The bridge runs beside the mangrove area.

About 500 meters of the bridge structure and approach has been constructed on the western side (Bonbon).

Once completed, all heavy trucks will be rerouted to this bridge which goes straight to the Cagayan de Oro Port.

Here’s a shot of the bridge with the city’s downtown area in the background.

While the Bonbon side has progressed significantly, the Macabalan side has no update.

The bridge will connect to this road and as shown, even the clearing and widening of such road has not happened yet.

Browse more photos in the link below.

PHOTOS: Macabalan-Bonbon Bridge as of June 2018

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