Cagayan de Oro City has long been a center for recreation and entertainment which continues up to this day.

And in the stand-alone movie house era three decades ago, many of these buildings are still around today albeit for different purposes. Browse over them below.

RIZAL THEATER (Capistrano cor. Montalvan Sts) – You can still see the Rizal signage. It is now used as a venue for some religious organization. Part of the lobby is being rented by a beauty salon.

GALA THEATER (JR Borja cor. Aguinaldo St) – One very popular theater survived the closing of the stand alone cinemas until it was destroyed by fire. It was known to feature R-rated films. The concrete portion of its remaining facade survived the fire and has been reconstructed and what is now Technomart.

Here’s the back portion of then Gala Theater. The open space is what used to be the main theater.

GOLD THEATER (Capistrano cor. Mabini Sts.) – The building’s exterior design is still evident. It is now exclusively used by a religious organization.

KAIRO SUPER CINEMA (Capistrano cor. Pacana Sts.) – The building owned by Limketkai is considered to be the largest in its time. The old curved facade can still be observed. It is now Savemore Market.

ROKET THEATER (Capistrano cor. Cruz Taal Sts) – The building’s unique exterior design has survived throughout the years. The signage can still be seen. The building is currently not utilized for any purpose.

NATION THEATER (Velez cor. Gomez Sts) – The iconic landmark building still stands today. Part of it is now used as a retail store by Lucky Premium Trading (Novo).

REYNA THEATER (Yacapin Ext. cor. Capt. Vicente Roa Sts) – It started as Reyna then renamed as Janet before it became World. The large imposing structure is now Gaisano Suki Club.

photo by Raphy Arcaina

SKYHI CINEMA 1 AND 2 (JR Borja cor. Daumar Sts) – Skyhi started the trend of modern twin cinemas in the city (two cinemas in one building). The building is now used for religious events with retail and commercial stores at the ground floor.

SKYHI CINEMA 3 AND 4 (JR Borja cor. Capistrano Sts) – This expansion followed up the success of Skyhi 1 and 2. It is now also being rented out by another religious organization. Land Bank, a spa and some commercial store occupy the ground floor.

GOTIC THEATER 1 AND 2 (Justo Ramonal St) – Gotic is the last of the stand alone theaters to be constructed in the city. It is also now being used by a religious organization.

Ororama established three (3) cinemas inside its Megacenter before it was destroyed by fire. Limketkai also built four (4) inside its mall. Gaisano Mall followed with four (4) more and this started the end of the stand alone cinema era in the city. SM City then added 4 more followed by Centrio with 4 also. SM CDO Downtown Premier added 4 digital cinemas, 2 director’s club and one mega screen. Up to this day, the city continues to be the regional center for recreation and entertainment.

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