The Office of the Ombudsman has suspended Associate Provincial Prosecutor Joan Albarece of the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor (OPP) of Misamis Oriental for one month and one day after she was found guilty of simple misconduct.

The suspension came nearly two years after complainant Quennie Ebonia who also works at the OPP Misamis Oriental filed a case against respondent Albarece over an incident at their workplace last July 21, 2016 wherein as per statement by Ebonia, the respondent had a fit and slammed the case folders on the table, threw the stapler and puncher, pushed her, and shouted at her.

In its decision, the Ombudsman stated that “employees in the government service are bound by the rules of proper and ethical behavior. They are expected to act with self-restraint and civility at all times, even when confronted with rudeness and insolence.”

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