Most restaurants have a garden or landscape of sorts as an added small element in their own setting. But in Cagayan de Oro City, there’s one restaurant wherein the diner itself is located in the middle of a large garden.

MACEY’S located along Masterson Avenue right across Uptown Condotel is a restaurant you really wouldn’t notice for the first time. Although its signage can be clearly seen from the road, you would probably think it’s just another local fast food spot.

Now quietly operating for three years, it’s facade really doesn’t ring a bell or perhaps just a second look.

But once you get inside passed the small front store, you will be welcomed by the sight of a large garden with plants, pathways and dining tables in almost every section.

What makes this spot unique is that each dining table is totally distinct from other tables in the garden.

Not one spot is the same.

You can choose whichever spot you would like for a romantic meal or some business talk.

…or perhaps you might just want to be alone and hear the birds sing.

From a metal-glass table…

… to an ancestral style dining wooden table…

Macey’s probably has more garden tables to choose from than a furniture shop.

Ornamental plants of all varieties also abound.

Seat pillows and umbrella tents…you can get an idea for your own garden set.

Even artistic backgrounds, vases and place holders….

Tables are of all shapes and sizes…

In case you would like something indoor, Macey’s also has it.

This space can be converted as a function room for gatherings like birthdays, parties and meetings.

But hey, their food is also good…and they serve well. Check out their menu.

They also have something for groups…

…and for parties.

…and for bigger groups.

Here’s the seminar package.

Because the garden is quite large, you need to ring the bell provided on each table to call the waiter.

Each table has a bell, a soy sauce, vinegar and a plant.

Browse over more photos below.

The owner’s ideas are endless.

Pathways are either paved or brick layered.

Umbrellas, ribbons, lamps, everything you can think of…

Everywhere you look seems like a different place.

Garden chairs are mostly made of metal and are heavy.

This one is good for two.

Can you imagine seats on bricks?

Hey, even the light bulbs have their own designs.

Here are high chairs…

Here’s Macey’s signage inside the garden.

Have you spotted the harp?

You will be amazed with the owner’s penchant for garden ornaments.

Here’s a wine rack…

In case you want a piano nearby…

That’s the kitchen by the way…

Here’s another view of the garden.

This small round table is good for intimate talk.

And by the way, the place also looks good at night…garden lights are all over…

You will feel at home….

Check out their comfort rooms…clean, cozy and artistic. This one is for females.

For Males…

Palm trees and other large trees also provide shade.

By the way, they also have wifi.

They have a well of sort.

This is the small front store as viewed from the garden.

Wind chimes …

Check it out…

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