Tumpagon is Cagayan de Oro’s farthest barangay located some 25 kilometers southwest from the city proper at the boundary with Iligan City. Due to its remoteness, few have gone to Tumpagon except of course for the locals.

One of Tumpagon’s natural wonders is Bolyok Falls which is being frequented by locals. It is part of Dumalocdoc River, a tributary of Iponan River. As shown in these photos sent to us by Aldrin Lumahang Mamac, you can see the strong flow of the water which cascades down between huge rocks. Then it flows towards a natural pool.

The location of Bolyok Falls is approximately 2 kilometers upstream of Dumalocdoc Bridge. This bridge indicates you are now entering Tumpagon proper. A 30-minute trek along the river will lead to the falls. See map below.

Browse more photos below.

Watch this video below.

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