The temporary traffic scheme being implemented at Kauswagan Junction will end next week (May 22) which is probably the target date of which the drainage works crossing RN Pelaez Boulevard have been completed. But in the latest construction update, the work on the north side (Savemore) is already done while the one on the south side (Petron) remain unfinished.

Here’s the north side drainage work.

The north side (Savemore) was contracted to Venray Construction.

You can observe the newly-paved section covering the drainage line.

Meanwhile, you can see work on the opposite side is still ongoing.

It is contracted to Jejors Construction and as shown, it is still halfway across RN Pelaez Boulevard.

The large rectangular box culvert can be seen. Its outfall will be Cagayan de Oro River.

Because of the drainage works, the Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA) issued an advisory on the temporary traffic which began last April 23.

The drainage works has aggravated the heavy traffic at the junction especially during rush hour.

Motorists either looked for alternative routes or travel early to avoid the rush hour traffic.

RTA to implement temporary traffic scheme at RER Junction due to DPWH drainage project

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