Connecting the Cagayan de Oro Coastal Road at Puntod has started with concreting a section from Corrales Extension towards Solid Shipping Lines warehouse complex.

As shown below (latest Google Earth imagery), the newly-concreted road covers a portion of an estimated 250-meter section at Tabaco, Puntod.

A portion of the large warehouse Solid Shipping Lines stands in the way of the route.

This whole section will connect the Coastal Road from Gusa to the Puntod-Kauswagan Bridge then towards the Coastal Road to Igpit, Opol.

The completion of this section will help ease the traffic particularly in Agora, Gaabucayan and Julio Pacana Streets where most trucks and container vans usually pass.

The route will further need the demolition of more warehouse structures going to Puntod Bridge.

Here are closer photos of the newly-concreted road section.

You can see the warehouse up ahead blocking the path.

It has basically the same 4-lane width of the Coastal Road.

Based on the latest photo update, the area inhabited by informal settlers near Solid Shipping Lines is also a cause for the delay particularly on the negotiation and relocation aspect.

Here’s the route in the link below.

DPWH set to connect Coastal Road in Puntod; wants immediate relocation of affected families

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