It’s the first weekend after all of the recognition and graduation ceremonies of the school year have ended and SIERRA DEL ORO, Cagayan de Oro City’s only hilltop summer destination located in Barangay Indahag is now teeming with visitors coming from all over the region.

The parking area is almost at full capacity. Parking marshals have to redirect some vehicles to lower ground.

Most visitors arrive past 3:00pm when the afternoon sun starts its descent.

Conversing with some of the visitors, some came from as far as General Santos City.

Most came with their entire family…end of school year, family, vacation, summer, it all add up. Did you notice ‘spidey?’

By the way, entrance fee is P50 for adults. Small children are free except for Larry’s Hill where small children need to pay P50.

Larry’s Hill is an adventure spot for the entire family and the first thing visitors usually do is to take photos, selfies with their favorite Transformers – Bumblebee and Optimus Prime…

This climbing wall is for children.

Adults try out their various adventure while others simply just chill the time.

The largest Ball Pit can be found at Larry’s Hill.

Of course, there’s the zipline…just short but simply exciting.

More and more people flock to Larry’s Hill for photos, adventure and refreshments.


Didn’t we mention Sierra del Oro will soon be renamed AMAYA VIEW?

A walkway is provided for those walking between Larry’s Hill and Hugo Skye Lounge.

The park is still undergoing development…read our related post below.

PROJECT WATCH: ‘Noah’s Ark’ and Sierra del Oro Swimming Pools update

Meanwhile, visitors can still experience more scenic views at Hugo Skye Lounge.

By the way, it also has a temporary mini zoo which will be transferred soon at Noah’s Ark.

Max the tiger is very popular.

SUTU Grill is another dining spot for the entire family.

As the sun sets, more people will look to dine.

Selfies and photos do not end…

An amazing view of the city at night.

Sierra del Oro is just 20 minutes from Cagayan de Oro City Proper. If you don’t have a ride, you can commute with shuttle vans available at Gaisano Mall Parking Lot (see link below). Taxicabs are also available but more expensive.

Daily shuttle service schedule for Sierra del Oro

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