Have you tried pigeon racing? It is one unique racing competition and is becoming increasingly popular in the country.

Prior to the advent of the telephone and now the internet, pigeons have been used to carry messages for more than a century. The message written on a piece of paper are tied on their legs and delivered to the destination. Pigeons were effective messengers due to their natural homing abilities which means wherever they are released, they always fly home. Now, this natural ability has been used in the sport of Pigeon Racing. There’s a specific breed of racing pigeons for this sporting activity – Racing Homer.

photo by www.pigeonracingpigeon.com

Last year, Pigeon fanciers in Cagayan de Oro City participated in the first Voltplex Street Race. Fanciers had their pigeons tagged and recorded including the owner’s name for the race. It was some sort of an Amazing Race. It was not just a race among the birds but also among owners (fanciers). The race started with the release of the pigeons at Tagoloan Plaza located 27 kilometers from the city. Each fancier waited as pigeons flew back home. Once they have arrived, the owner carrying his pegion will race to to Station 1 (Gaston Park) before he carries his bird on foot toward the finishing line (Divisoria at JR Borja Monument). Sandieto Busano (see below) from Brgy. Balulang was the first race champion.

Here are the highlights of the race.


Here’s the complete video in three parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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