Fast Cat has temporarily cancelled trips serving Jagna-Balbagon-Opol route due to maintenance. This was announced last March 25, four days after it was officially launched.

While the recent launch provided new options for travelers, many especially those who patiently waited for weeks were dismayed when the schedule was announced. Many of those traveling from Opol to Balbagon noted the inconvenience it will cause to passengers once it arrives in Camiguin. Among them, the 1:00am arrival in Camiguin poses more problems than convenience to travelers particularly tourists because firstly, public transport in Camiguin is not a 24-hour service. Streets are basically free of automobiles around 7:00pm, much less past midnight. Second, hotels or resorts usually have their check-in time around 1:00pm so there will be a 12-hour window or perhaps a half-day carrying your luggage or just staying in your vehicle if you brought one. Wonder why there are no night ferry trips between Balingoan and Camiguin?

Holy Week is one of Camiguin’s most anticipated season due to the influx of religious devotees and tourists, the other during Lanzones Festival late in the year. So a lot of eyebrows were raised when the fast ferry company cancelled trips when traveling is at its peak. Many are hoping that it will resume operations soon but with a new schedule – daytime trips as suggested by Opol Mayor Max Seno during the launch. Many commuters would rather take the 2.5-hour trip to Balingoan, Misamis Oriental and the 1-hour ferry to Benoni Port in Camiguin while having a scenic view of both Misamis Oriental’s coastline and Camiguin unlike the published night schedule of Fast Cat where there are no scenic view due to darkness.

Life in the island is an epitome of the countryside where time is not an essence which is good for those seeking a hideaway from urban living…definitely your much needed vacation spot.

Meanwhile, watch this short aerial video of Fast Cat docked at Opol Municipal Fish Port courtesy of Allan Lazo.


Browse photos during the launch below.

RANDOM SHOTS: Fast Cat launched in Opol; local officials seek change in schedule to daytime trips

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