Everyday in one of the streets near Cogon Market in Cagayan de Oro City, you will find people milling around a person with a microphone and holding a wooden box.

This person as shown below usually arrives by his motorbike in the vicinity most commonly seen along Lt. Guillermo and JR Borja Streets. He then brings out a small chair, sits on it and starts calling people in the vicinity to gather and hear what he’s got to say.

Curious onlookers gather around him and passersby take time to see what’s going on as the man continues to tell realities, jokes and then brings out a wooden box which contains a snake which according to him can cure a lot of diseases. He makes it a point to open the wooden box slowly while inserting humor and another story to tell causing suspense to onlookers.

He then performs some sort of ‘magic’ with an egg and a bag to the delight of the audience.

People in the vicinity who have nothing to do are amused by the man’s actions.

Sometimes, he gives tips on how to bet the winning combination in Swertres and even the  lottery.

This happens almost everyday and still, many continue to gather around him, listen and amused by his ‘magic’.

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