Philstone Shipping Corporation which owns M/V Yuhum, M/V Kalinaw and M/V Maayo, one of the oldest fleet of sea vessels plying the Balingoan-Benoni route and vice-versa has announced new adjusted passenger rates which will take effect March 18, 2018.

In a notice released to the public, the new adjusted rates will now be P205, up 20% from the current rate of P170.

Other passenger vessels serving the Balingoan-Benoni-Balingoan route will likewise have adjusted rates. A few weeks ago, Asian Marine Transport Corporaiton which owns M/V Super Shuttle Ferry 1, M/V Super Shuttle Ferry 6, M/V Super Shuttle Ferry 9, M/V Super Shuttle Ferry 14 and M/V Super Shuttle Ferry 24 filed rate adjustments with the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA). See below.

This new rates will be significant as Camiguin is expected to have influx of vacationers and tourists during Holy Week and the summer.

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