Motorists in Cagayan de Oro City will always slow down upon reaching the crossing in Barangay Cugman. There’s no traffic light at the junction but the area located along the National Highway is always teeming with pedestrians, and vehicles both public and private.

While it is normal to see people along the roadside minding their own business, motorists just couldn’t help but watch helplessly when ‘trisikads’ unabatedly roam the junction, crossing and even cruising along the highway as shown in this series of photos below.

Many motorists often ask if traffic rules are only applicable at the city proper.

Traffic rules and ordinances should in fact be strictly enforced along major highways because with speeding vehicles, accidents often result to major injuries and worse, fatalities.

Even local traffic personnel (barangay tanods), if any, are helpless.

Do we have a regulation among motorized sikads? They ply this section towards Bugo…daily.

Motorists can only wait and honk their horns…

It’s not that this occurrence is new….local officials just couldn’t seem to enforce rules.

At the most, trisikads should be permitted only up to a certain point at the junction and not venture into the highway.

all photos by Suzette Gomez

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