If you see a long line of trucks and motorcycles parked along both sides of the National Highway in Barangay Tablon, Cagayan de Oro City, chances are personnel of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) are manning a mobile checkpoint ahead.

As shown in the photos below, trucks and motorcycles patiently wait for the LTO personnel to leave.

Just ahead, a composite team of police and LTO was spotted.

The uniformed personnel are on both sides of the highway which means both inbound and outbound vehicles can be flagged down. Motorists mostly those driving trucks and motorcycles are required to produce pertinent permits and other documents such as driver’s license and vehicle registration, among others. They usually conduct this operation in about 30 minutes to an hour before transferring to another site.

Some 20 meters ahead is a long line of parked trucks and motorcycles. Only moving vehicles are flagged down by LTO.

These motorists likely have expired licenses or vehicle registration or don’t have either documents or may have pertinent documents but are afraid of some violations the LTO might find.

Both sides patiently wait for the time…for the LTO to depart.

Both sides are actually monitoring each other.

The lines are usually 200 meters long.

Just as every passing motorists would state – a waiting game.

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