The obsolete law on reckless imprudence may soon be amended after party-list representative Neil Abayon (AANGAT TAYO) recently filed House Bill 6925 seeking to amend all applicable laws relating to traffic accidents, particularly on reckless imprudence making it fair to drivers.

According to Rep. Alayon as posted in his Facebook page, “Under current laws and procedures, drivers or motorists involved in road safety incidents and traffic violations are presumed at fault even when pedestrians and/or other motorists are at fault or also share fault. An example of this flawed system is the incident involving truck driver Tedy Gotis and an intoxicated teenager motorcycle rider who hit his truck but the laws still presumed Tedy as the one at fault just because he was driving a bigger vehicle. Hoping, that this bill will address that flaw in our legal system.”

In November 2017, truck driver Teddy Gotis was detained when a 16-year old boy died after crashing his motorcycle into Gotis’ truck. The teenager was not wearing a helmet, had no driver’s license and was drunk during the accident. The incident prompted netizens to call for the release of Gotis.

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