Large trucks and other large delivery transports will soon have a worry free travel down and up Carmen Hill in Puerto, Cagayan de Oro City when the Sayre Highway Bypass Road (Puerto Climbing Lanes) Project is completed.

The project actually started in 2015 and continues up to this year. The route is currently inaccessible to the public because it is located in the interior part. See satellite image below showing some progress work last year. The road development started on the critical section which is the downhill portion. The road connects to the National Highway somewhere near the pedestrian overpass at Bugo Central School.

It starts near the Xavier University property in Upper Puerto. You can observe the gate at right as the landmark just before the descent at Carmen Hill.

Here’s the entire route of the Puerto Climbing Lanes. Cargo trucks can soon avoid the winding roads beside Puerto Heights.

Some P100 million has been allocated for this year for the project.

We don’t have latest photos of the site but here are some photos taken during initial development works in 2015-2016.

Here are first road openings undertaken in 2015.

You can see Del Monte Cannery in the background.

You can see massive earthworks for the road project.

Here’s a view at the top.

photos by Sirknight Navarro

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