If you’re not into beaches and sandy coastlines, you might want to try a new place up in the mountains. There’s an emerging mountain resort up in Brgy. Bagocboc in Opol town, Misamis Oriental which makes you commune with nature literally.

PROJECT RUPERT is owned by Rupert M. Domingo, yes, if the name rings a bell, he is considered the Father of Whitewater Rafting in the Philippines when he pioneered whitewater rafting in Cagayan de Oro City way back in 1995. The mountain resort is located in a forested area in Brgy. Bagocboc, some 40 minutes from the National Highway. It has a man-made pool with flowing spring water and some picnic tables. Due to its distance from populated centers, it’s a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

But if the new highway is materialized (see link below), Project Rupert can be more accessible than before.

New diversion road set to link CDO and Opol

Apart from the resort, there’s also RD Heights located just 10 minutes from Project Rupert which offers a fantastic view of the Bagocboc Hills. It’s a good site for camping, trekking and for those who love the outdoors and a relaxation encounter with nature.

Check out the video below courtesy of Julius Anthony of The Weekend Break in a recent visit to Project Rupert and RD Heights.

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