The traffic gridlock experienced in Cagayan de Oro several hours ago underscored the city’s urgent need for more expansion and diversion roads.

As posted in Hapsay Dalan’s Facebook page, it all started when a trailer truck got stalled while negotiating a difficult bend at the junction of Diel and Villarin Streets in Carmen. The stalled truck blocked both roads which are very important access or diversion roads among uptown residents as well as in residential villages of Canitoan. Since it occurred during rush hour, there was a high volume of vehicular traffic in the area. With the truck unable to move, the long lines of vehicles stretched towards Masterson Avenue and Vamenta Boulevard. Worse, an ongoing repair work by the Cagayan de Oro City Water District (COWD) along Masterson Avenue near Southern Philippines Union Mission (SPUM) or Hope Channel added to the traffic woes.

As Carmen went on a stand still, the heavy traffic spilled over to the other side of the river into Divisoria, Nazareth and Rotunda area. Of course, traffic is even worse along CM Recto during rush hour. And don’t forget the morning fire incident which led to the closure of Osmena Street.

The opening of the Coastal Road could somehow alleviate the traffic condition but still, the problem is clear as evident with the troubled truck – a single incident on a side road which caused heavy traffic to spill over to the rest of the downtown area. Once you’re stuck in the middle of the road, you’ll just have to wait and hope that you still have enough gas in your tank.

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