Installation of a traffic signalization system at Kauswagan-Bayabas Intersection in Cagayan de Oro City is long overdue.

Ever since the Coastal Road to Opol was opened to motorists, volume of vehicular traffic has since increased significantly.

As shown, poles mounted on pedestal for the traffic lights has already been installed on the eastbound and northbound sections.

The traffic at the intersection is compounded by an ongoing road concreting project where work is snail-pace.

Both motorists and residents in the area not just complain of the slow work on the road concreting project, but also in times when the contractor simply leaves the work site for a few days without any semblance of workers in the area like this one.

A major road crossing, business in the area has thrived in the last few years with establishments like Jollibee, Mercury Drug, Rose Pharmacy, Basic Barbers, Palawan Pawnshop, Arbee’s Bakeshop, Chooks-To-Go, The Barn, Chicken Rotizano, among others.

The Coastal Road is not covered by the truck ban so trucks pass along this route anytime of the day.

At some instances, traffic officers man the intersection but motorists would certainly prefer the traffic light because based on experience, a person directing traffic doesn’t count the seconds or minutes in the interval which results to long line of vehicles.

Sometimes, in the absence of traffic personnel, vehicular incidents like collision, car or truck breaking down cause traffic in the area.

Hopefully, the installation of the traffic light and the road project will be hastened in due time.

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