Last July 26, 2017, a netizen posted in Facebook about her ghostly experience inside an elevator of a hospital in Cagayan de Oro City. With Halloween just around the corner, we decided to share her story. Her post has been shared 1,090 times and elicited more than 2,000 reactions and 1,071 comments.

In her post, she narrated her hair-raising experience in the hospital’s elevator at around 9pm while on her way to visit her grandfather who was confined at the said medical facility. Read the story below.

“I thought sa movies lang gkahitabo ang Hospital Elevator Incidents where mkasakay ka ug dli ingon nato.
As I enter the elevator, Around 9pm @ ___________ Hospital..Ako ra gyd unta to isa sulod sa elevator then as the door was about to close a little boy around 8yrs old rushed inside so wala rto sa ako. He caught my attention dretcho because the moment na e press na nko ang 3 kay 3rd floor manko, iya ko g unhan ug press. To my surprise, dghan kau sya gtuplok pero tanan yang g press was floors nga naa nas pnka tumoy and I noticed na wla syay slipper and mura btawg wa nligo and nag ilis for a year.As in LUSPAD kaau. So aftr sya nkahuman press sa mga floors na katu na naa sa pnaka taas na floors,so g press na nko ang 3 (good thing 3rd floor ra naadmit akong lolo) so I asked him kay he keeps on staring at me and feel nko d glihok ang elevator. Goosebumps na dyn sugud sa amo convo and it was like this…
Me: Gang, gabii naman. Ikaw ra isa? asa ka na floor? (Cge ra syas tutok sa ako jusko)
Bata: Sa pinaka taas ko te.
Me: Huh? maoba? Kinsa imo kaubn? and knsa imo bisitahon langga?
Bata: WALA ky kaubn permi. Dugay namn ko dre sge rko saka naog dre. Sa taas ko gpuyo. (Then he gave meme an evil grin)
I was like 😱😱😨😨😨 Feel nko pati akong buhok nanindog basta wa ko ksabot. Good thing 3rd floor na, ngawas ko dretso paglingi nko wla na ang bata. 😭 So lesson learned nko, D nko magtinapulan. mag hagdan ngyd ko. 😨😨😰😱
Share lang nko guys ky d ko katulog sa nahitabo.”

For those who couldn’t understand Cebuano, here’s the translation:

“I thought it’s only in the movies of Hospital Elevator Incidents where you ride with someone who aren’t like us.
As I enter the elevator, Around 9pm @ ___________ Hospital..I was the only one inside when a little boy around 8yrs old rushed inside as the elevator door was about to close and it was just nothing for me. He caught my attention because the moment that I was about to press “3” for 3rd floor, the boy pressed the number first. To my surprise, he pressed many floor numbers which are at the top and I noticed he had no slippers and he seemed to have not taken a bath or changed clothes for a year. He was so pale. So after he pressed the numbers of the floors, I pressed “3” (good thing my grandfather was admitted on the 3rd floor) so I asked him why he keeps on staring at me and I felt the elevator wasn’t moving. I had Goosebumps in our conversation and it was like this…
Me: Gang, it’s late at night. Are you alone? which floor are you? (he was just staring at me…oh my God)
Boy: Top floor mam.
Me: Huh? really? Who’s with you? and who are you visiting?
Boy: I’m always ALONE. I’ve been here for a long time going up and down. I live upstairs. (Then he gave me an evil grin)
I was like 😱😱😨😨😨 I felt that my hair stood that I couldn’t understand. Good thing it was already 3rd floor, I went out the elevator as quickly and when I turned to look the little boy was already gone. 😭 So lesson learned, I won’t be lazy anymore. I’ll take the stairs next time. 😨😨😰😱
I shared this guys because I couldn’t sleep after what happened.”

Here’s the screenshot of her post. We purposely covered the identity of the netizen and the name of the hospital.

So if you’re on a hospital visit at night, you might want to use the stairs instead.

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