Call him “Destroyer”. He is the commander of the 8th Scout Ranger Company (8SRC) which successfully killed wanted terrorists Isnilon Hapilon and Omar Maute in Marawi City.

In the Scout Ranger Books Facebook page, Destroyer recounted (in vernacular) the hours and moments beginning at 7:00pm Sunday night (October 15) and the neutralization of the two notorious terrorists at past midnight up to the rescue of hostages early Monday morning.

As stated, two teams of the 8th Scout Ranger Company were positioned on opposite ends of a road where suspected hiding terrorists would attempt to escape. Both teams were aided by an armored vehicle with thermal capability – which means it can spot people at night thru thermal imaging.

At around 1:30am (October 16), someone crossed the road. But the rangers were on alert. Boom! One terrorist down! (They don’t know it was Omar Maute). Another one tried to cross. Boom! And he again was felled by the armored vehicle weaponry. (Again, they didn’t know it was Isnilon Hapilon). At early dawn, some terrorists tried to recover the two dead bodies but they were prevented by the military who shoot whoever was going near the bodies.

Then at sunrise, the scout rangers moved in quickly and successfully recovered the two dead bodies. Moments later, some women hostages escaped and said to them it was Isnilon Hapilon and Omar Maute whom they killed. The troops were shouting in jubilation. They couldn’t believe that they have killed the two leaders of the terror group. That’s the end of Hapilon and Maute.

“Destroyer” requested that the featured photo be used in the post because this building was very memorable to the 8SRC which they successfully took in July at a heavy cost – almost half of the company were lost either wounded and died.

He also cited all the units together with the 8SRC which cordoned the city block which resulted to the death of Hapilon,

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BREAKING NEWS! Lorenzana confirms Isnilon Hapilon and Omar Maute killed in military operation

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